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Royalty Free World And Ethnic

The following CDs provide a wide diversity of royalty free world music, ethnic music, and global music. Our royalty free world music is available on compact disc, downloadable CDs, or as downloadable songs. It includes specific CDs such as Celtic Music and Latin Music, as well as standard world beat and generic global themes. You?ll find the following world production music styles here: Italian Music, German Polkas, Bollywood, Zydeco, royalty free Latin Music, Asian Music, Cuban music, Caribbean music, Reggae music, Surf Music, Irish and Scottish music, and much more.

royalty free cd: Latin Splash
Latin Splash Latin Splash
Royalty free Latin music including merengue, salsas, sambas, and all things Latin. Great for all Spanish speaking productions, travel productions and more.
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royalty free cd: Global Underscores
Global Underscores Global Underscores
Royalty free underscores and world production music with a variety of percussion, ethnic instrumentation and global appeal.
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royalty free cd: World Beat
World Beat World Beat
A broad selection of world music library themes featuring instrumentation, and percussion from diverse geographical locations. A truly global reach.
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royalty free cd: Island Beach
Island Beach Island Beach
Royalty Free island background music themes. Great for travel and leisure, vacation programming, travel agencies, and advertising.
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royalty free cd: Nuevo Chic
Nuevo Chic Nuevo Chic
A unique mix of royalty free audio production music blending acoustic guitars, urban beats, and Latin jazz.
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royalty free cd: World Tour
World Tour World Tour
Take a trip around the globe with royalty free music from Italy, Germany, Asia, India, and more. Video production music for travel shows and productions.
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royalty free cd: World Mix 1
World Mix 1 World Mix 1
Royalty free songs in a variety of world and global styles. This collection includes Latin music, Russian music, a fun Italian theme, island music, and several others.
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royalty free cd: World Mix 2
World Mix 2 World Mix 2
From traditional Celtic music to Arabic grooves, this trip around the world includes stops in Mexico, Asia, and more.
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royalty free cd: World Mix 3
World Mix 3 World Mix 3
Royalty free music for productions from around the world with varying moods, styles, and applications.
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royalty free cd: Celtic
Celtic Celtic
Royalty free Celtic music themes of both Irish and Scottish descent. Traditional themes, folk tunes, and celtic jigs.
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royalty free cd: Latin Acoustics
Latin Acoustics Latin Acoustics
Acoustic themes with a Latin flair. From sambas to tangos and everything in between.
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