Royalty Free Music Library



All royalty free music products available and sold by Prolific Arts, Inc., its websites ( and its authorized dealers, are licensed to you with a lifetime, single-site, non-transferrable license for synchronization only. By accepting any products and music files from Prolific Arts, you acknowledge and agree to the stated terms, conditions and limitations of use. Only licenses generated from Prolific Arts, its websites and authorized dealers are valid.

It is specifically understood and agreed that Prolific Arts does not grant, sell or otherwise transfer any ownership of Copyright, Publishing or Master Recordings for any of its musical works contained on its websites, packaged products, electronic storage or the like.

Unauthorized use or duplication is a violation of this agreement and of applicable laws of the United States of America and other countries. In the event of a breach of this Music License Agreement, legal action may be taken against you in accordance to copyright law. Copyright infringement is a serious offense. Prolific Arts protects its copyrights and the rights of its contributing composers by all necessary means.


Rights Granted

You are authorized to:


You are not authorized to:


Professional License: Rights are granted for any for-profit business or organization. Rights include corporate use, all broadcast applications (local, regional, national, and worldwide so long as cue sheets are properly filled out and turned in when applicable. See Performing Rights section below), including television, cable, film, internet, advertising, film, internet, and electronic media.

Professional + Productions for Sale: Rights include all rights granted in the Professional License PLUS the right to synchronize the music in timed relation with other audio/visual content in products for sale including software products, hardware products, electronic media such as Apps, games, DVDs, CDs and the like, whether for sale or supported by advertising. Such products may be reproduced in unlimited quantities.


All Prolific Arts music content is registered with a Performing Rights Association. This Music License Agreement does not include clearance for Performing Rights. Performing Rights represent the entitlement of music composers and publishers to benefit from the public performance of their compositions. Performing Rights societies like ASCAP and BMI in the United States, as well as many more around the world, have been established to collect and fairly distribute Performing Rights fees to music composers and publishers. If you use any musical compositions contained within any of the Prolific Arts websites, package products, electronic storage or the like, for broadcast productions that are eligible for documentation by Performing Rights associations, said music use should be reported to the applicable Performing Rights Society and to Prolific Arts, Inc. You agree to promptly furnish Prolific Arts with a complete and accurate music cue sheet for any production that is broadcast on television, radio, cable, satellite or distributed theatrically. Such cue sheet shall correctly identify the copyright owner, publisher, song title, and length of use for all Music licensed from Prolific Arts, Inc. Performing Rights clearance royalties are paid by broadcasters and are not the responsibility of producers, editors or typical users of Production Music. In the rare occasion where a broadcaster requires music content to be ʻpre-clearedʼ for performance, a Direct Performance license may be obtained by contacting the Prolific Arts offices. Blank Cue Sheets forms are available on all Prolific Arts websites.